about us

about us

About Moradi Machinery Company

Moradi Machinery (Pasargad Machine Innovation Foundation Company) was established in 1356. Moradi Machinery manufactures pneumatic devices in the plastic industry with a production capacity of 100 cc to 250 liters in single and multiple layers in the field of pharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical, sanitary, cosmetic and… beشرکت ماشین سازی مرادی تنها تولید کننده دستگاه های چهل لیتری تزریقی بادی به صورت تزریق افقی و همچنین دستگاه های 5 لیتری با سیستم گیره بازویی و تنها سازنده دستگاه های 60 تا 240 لیتری در ایران می باشد .

about us

Company goals

After years of experience in the field of producing all kinds of machines in the field of plastic industry, Moradi Machinery Company will continue to do its best to provide you with the best products. For this reason, our goals in order to achieve customer satisfaction are as follows:

  • Producing products with the best possible quality is one of our most important goals
  • Product design, competitive with imported products
  • Preparing products for export abroad
  • Support on all working days of the week to answer your questions
  • Zero to hundred and complete training on how to use the device to customers
  • Providing warranty and after-sales service for all products
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